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I am a Freelance Graphic Designer and an aspiring artist! From a young age, I was in love with the idea of using visual storytelling and the ability to convey emotions, ideas, and messages through art! Inspired by the creativity of my family and friends, I realized I wanted to become an artist of my own, now determined to create and share my work with the rest of the world!

With a passion for traditional and digital art forms, I decided to try graphic design! Through countless hours of practice and self-study, I learned to create a perfect vibe that would allow me to create visually compelling designs that effectively communicate your brand's desired message!

Now with passions aside, I can get into who I really am!

Starting off, I absolutely love adventuring and wish I could let out my chaotic side a bit more than I actually do, and I also love hanging out with some of my best friends through Discord and just chilling out, playing games with them in general! Some things I don't like are liars, bigots, and string cheese... One strength I see in myself is that I can pick things up very easily and work quickly. One weakness I know I have as well is that I often get discouraged easily, yet I still get the requested job done! One of my biggest dreams, since I was young is to learn how to speak Japanese, and visit Japan someday!


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Hello! I'm Roselia! I'm the PRETTIEST™ Kitty!

こんにちは! 私はロゼリアです!
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